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Getting a divorce under English law


The reason I left the house was I had a daughter from a previous marriage that broke down over 18 years ago,I then applied for her to come to this country and it was granted
She is currently living with her auntie in Portsmouth
She is now nearly 18 yrs old
My wife didn't want my daughter to come and stay with us, so from then on we kept having arguments and I said to her that if my daughter wasn't allowed in the house I was going to leave aswell .... Which I did.
Then I went to court and got a divorce in English law, I done this in anger as I was very upset with her behaviour.

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Different social standing of the parties to marriage


In the article on your website relating to "The Wali or legal guardian" in point 3 you talk about same social standing. I am intending on marrying a girl, we are both pakistani, I am of Arain caste she is of Rajpoot caste, is this considered the same social standing

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Parents rejecting a marriage proposal


Assalamu alaikum,

I want to get married & my parents keep rejecting a certain proposal because he is a different cast to us. I have tired to get other people involved to solve this matter but they are still rejecting it. & also they are worried about what other people are going to think.

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Is Vasectomy allowed?


Is it permissible for a person to undergo vasectomy in order to deprive himself of the ability to produce offspring? Please enlighten us with the Islamic viewpoint on the issue.

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